As you all know by now, we at the R16 headquarters are on our grind to create “The Road to R16″ web series for your viewing pleasure. We’re dedicated to releasing fresh episodes to update you on the battles, behind-the-scene stories, hot topics, controversies and predictions for the R16 Global Series. 

Each episode also features a different R16 Global Recap Rap to summarise everything that has been happening up until that date. Many of you must be wondering – who is the voice behind these rhymes? Who writes these verses with such finesse?

We’re proud to introduce our “Road to R16″ resident host and rapper, Lima Limon! The Chicago-born MC inherited restlessness from immigrant grandparents. Off stage, this fueled his work ethic to carry his family’s momentum and narrative. On stage, this translates to high energy crowd interactions and cheeky humor. 

Lima Limon developed his stage presence under the performance arts scholarship program First Wave at UW-Madison and has since honed it with impromptu street performances in Seoul. He uses multi-syllabic rhymes, saucy wordplay and clever metaphors to talk about topics ranging from social justice to classic braggadocio. 

After much deliberation and encouragement from viewers, we here at R16 have decided to release these tracks exclusively for your listening pleasure via Lima Limon’s Soundcloud.



Three Recap Raps have been released so far with the lyrics below; please stay tuned for more!



R16 Web Series – Episode 1 Bars

Rewind to the 70s in New York City where
homes faced economic despairs. Streets seized by gang warfare.
A street culture and dance rose from the gravel. 
Skills, expression, egos, aggression manifested in battles.

It was ok to Be mad, Be you. B-boys, Be free.
B like “Bronx,” B like “Break,” B like “Badd” with double D.
B like “Bit- you wish you could Be like us.”
“Be like water, my friend.” That Bruce Lee like strut.

B like Battles by medieval knights or ancient Samurai
fighting for glory on urban landscapes with a dancer’s pride.
In the 80s got glamorized, with media camera time.
Got spread across the globe the more it got advertised.

Pause: It was called Breakin’. Don’t ever be mistaken
for what media renamed it during this exploitation.
TV stations, corporations, then a pop-culture sensation.
Till spotlights faded. Many bboys left their places vacant.

Flash to 90s boom-bap and golden era raps.
New breaking styles earning daps around the world’s map.
We transitioned from 90s to 2000s like powerheads.
On YouTube watching influence, knowledge and culture spread.

Then Korea created R16 in 2007.
The next platform for crews to be legends with emphasis
on respect in the way that peeps battle.
Judges used the first standard scoring system for the weight of their gavels.

Now, R16 is seen as one of the largest global tournaments.
Veterans serving kids, kids returning the services.
Glory on the line. No losses as an alternative.
Nation versus nation. Stay tuned to see who’s earning it.

(Ends by 1:47) 

Note: These bars are the intellectual property of Lima Limon. No Biting. 


R16 Web Series – Episode 2 Bars

From 70s NY streets to 80s TV screens.
From mainstream back to the 90s underground scene.
Big competitions arose in the two thousands.
R16 grew prestige now look what it’s amounted to: 

A tournament of nations poppin’, lockin’, and breakin’.
Getting glory, honor, and respect on global stages.
This year the format of a dream team style starts.
Winners from a 4 on 4, 1 on 1, plus two wild cards.

Hella qualifiers in many nations and regions.
Let’s do a global recap to see who competed.
US Bay Area, Canada West and US East Coast.
Winners go to R16 North America. Let the beasts roast.

R16 China North, Xinjiang, and national finals
Hong Kong, Macau. Soon China funk styles.
In Asia from Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia,
Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore displaying flavor.

Nepal still competed. That earthquake couldn’t phase ya.
Those winners advance to R16 Southeast Asia.
In Europe, from Scandinavia to Malta and Spain.
Russia had Crimea, Slavic, Moscow bring the pain.

Plus Italy, Europe solo, funk styles in France.
They’ll compete at IBE for the final chance to advance.
In August R16’s in Korea and the Philippines.
Central America, Central Asia and Africa Middle East.

So far Russia has the only complete dream team.
That includes B-boy Alkolil from OBC,
Bboys Gun and Cheerito from Illusion of Exist.
Can and Ziprock from Action Man Crew got tricks.

Bboy Robin reppin’ Top 9 and Zulu Kings, in addition 
to Russian Power’s Up-and-comer, Supermihanizm.
September brings the World Open and Finals of R16.
Till then stay tuned to see who reps in China’s all star team. 

Note: These bars are the intellectual property of Lima Limon. No Biting. 


R16 Web Series – Episode 3 Bars

How far we’ve come, from party cyphers in the 70s, New York.
Bboys repping crews and blocks in the mist of the gang wars.
Turn of the century, as competitions start to peak.
Now nations rep in R16 for respect, skills, artisty.

In the earthquake aftermath Nepal stood their ground.
Despite lost lives and funds, R16 still went down
They say the only way they wouldn’t participate
is if they all died in that earthquake.

Now that’s the face of hunger. We’ll see how it stands against
experience in R16 Southeast Asia this summer.
Against an older scene like Singapore it was predicted
that Nepal could take them based on battle score statistics

IBE Europe had open eliminations in one weekend.
European crews battled to rep’ their flag after prelims.
The new team format creates a national super crew
that’ll test the chemistry of each team, who they’ll choose.

This is the time where any beef gets set aside.
Under respect everyone can rep with national pride.
Stay tuned to hear bout the results of R16 China 
and R16 North America’s heated battles and cyphers.

Note: These bars are the intellectual property of Lima Limon. No Biting. 



Much Respect!



R16 Album Cover Art by: Beckii Lee (Concrete Faith / HISPOP)