R16 China Experience


R16 China Experience

R16 China was held on July 18th, 2015 in Shenzhen as part of the R16 Global Series held in order to select the best Chinese bboys to form the national team.

The winning four member crew, combined with the solo bboy winner and two wildcard bboys form the 2015 R16 Chinese Dream Team, who will go on to battle at the World Finals in Seoul, Korea. STO Crew ended up taking out the 4v4 crew battles, Beggin Bin winning the solo bboy division with Quick and Astro chosen as the two wildcard bboys.

All the organisers and the judges arrived early morning to set up for the event, and we were pleasantly surprised with the layout. The venue was very large, and had ample space for both dancers and vendors alike, and everything was just right for the R16 qualifiers.

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The ambience outside the venue was just as crazy, full of young hungry bboys ready to battle. It was pretty easy to tell who was a bboy, standing out easily from others by their hip hop attire. People came from all over for many reasons – to get down in cyphers, to watch the battles, or even just to check out the street wear and accessories that were being sold at the venue on the day.

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Everyone was so nice and many new friends were made from USA, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Mongolia etc. Different countries but united under the same flag and spirit,Someting bigger and deeper than religions and nationalities, the spirit of HipHop. We talked about philosophy, religion, culture, politics and of course about bboying from different points of view, reminding us that we all have something new we can learn.

The Chinese bboys were really young, but they were quick to learn and showed that they really understood what it means to train hard and progress into an experienced bboy. We saw a new generation of dope bboys, doing new fresh moves in styles that we hadn’t seen before.


All bboys performed well on the day, but the one bboy who stood out the most was Bboy Quick, who was eventually chosen as one of the wildcard bboys for the Chinese Dream Team. Nicknamed by us as the “Beast from the East”, Quick displayed crazy fresh power moves that wowed the audience and judges.

There were so many people, and the weather was blazing hot, but it all was made worth it thanks to the spirit of Hip Hop uniting through dance and music. The DJs and MCs were on point, and spontaneous cyphers broke out everywhere amongst amateur and professional dancers alike.
China – thank you for your wonderful hospitality and even more wonderful food.
We will work harder to create an even better R16 event next year.
Much Respect!