The Brand new R16 Format!!

Recently, a lot of buzz and questions are circulating about the new format of the 2015 R16 Global Series. Many of the national qualifiers are seen with a 4 on 4 format and a one on one solo battle. Even more questions arise with the buzz of “wildcard” spots. In this blog, we will break down the brand new R16 format and explain why we needed the change.

The Old R16 Format:

The name “R16″, stands for, “Respect” the “Sixteen” countries, representing at the R16 World Bboy Masters. R16 began in 2007, with one team from each of the top 16 countries was invited to represent for their entire nation. Each team was required to perform a showcase battle, and their scores would then seed the battle brackets.

In 2010, it was decided to add a solo Bboy, Popping and Locking category to allow R16 to become more diverse. However, this change did not allow for enough time, plus budget to still support 16 invited crews from around the world. Thus, the  number of crews participating, went down to 8 instead of 16.

At this time, questions were already being asked about how the teams were being selected, as many teams wanted to have the opportunity to represent their nation. This resulted in national and regional qualifiers being set up in various countries around the world. Each participating country would send their R16 national winners to an R16 Regional finals, before coming to the R16 World Finals. The only exception is the 3 most prominent Asian countries, China, Japan and Korea, sends their winners directly to the World Finals. 

Up until 2015, the R16 Format was an 8 on 8 crew battle (and performance showcase), as well as a 1 on 1 Solo Bboy, Popping and Locking battles.


The New R16 Format:

The new format of R16, will focus more on “National Pride”.

Instead of “the best crew” coming to Korea to represent the country, it’s now the best possible team, to represent the entire nation.

This means, that each team coming to the world finals, will be an R16 National “Dream Team”.


National Qualifications:

Each “R16 National Qualifiers” will have a unique format to choose the TOP 7 BBOYS, to represent on the national team.

– 4 on 4 battle (4 spots)

– 1 on 1 battle (1 spot)

– Wild card selection (2 spots) 

R16 Team Format Change


Why a 4 on 4?

Team work and Chemistry are important ingredients for a world champion winning team. The 4 on 4 will ensure that the core majority of the national team will have chemistry with one another

Why a 1 on 1?

Every Bboy deserves a chance to win their spot on the national team. A 1 on 1 battle will ensure every Bboy and Bgirl has an equal opportunity to fight for the spot

Why Wildcards?

Wildcards give a chance for Bboys who participated but lost in the National Qualifiers, another shot at making the team, if the Bboy or Bgirl truly represented well, and won the hearts of audience. 
This also allows for any weaknesses of the team to be filled, as well as Bboys/Bgirls with special skills to be on the team, which can be a deciding factor in the world Final battle. 


The National Bboy Team of 7 members, then moves onto the closest R16 Regional Final event.

However, the participating country might also host a funk style categories of Popping and Locking.







The R16 Bboy National Team of 7 (+ 2 Funkstyles) will move onto the R16 Regional finals.



All 7 Bboys will compete in the Nation VS Nation battle.

The solo winner of the National Qualifications will also compete in the Solo Bboy battle to see who will represent on the world stage at the world finals.

The winners of the funk styles battles will also move onto the R16 World Finals.




At the R16 World Finals, there will still be a performance battle.

The FOUR Bboys who won the national qualifiers must participate in the performance contest of 4 minutes.

However, it is up to the four bboys if they want to include the wildcards, the solo Bboy, and/or the popper and locker (if any has made it to the world finals).




Each of the competitors will ofcourse compete in their own respective categories. 

The team of 4, plus the solo bboy winner and the 2 wildcards will compete in the Nation VS Nation battle.

The solo Bboy winner will also battle in the 1 on 1 Bboy battle.

The Popper will battle in one on one popping and the Locker in the locking battle.


Why The Change In Format?

We understand that for many crews, it’s their dream to come to the R16 World Finals with their entire crew, but now is a time where Bboys and Bgirls have to think beyond just their crew, but represent on behalf of an entire nation. Plus, there are still other full crew battles around the world such as Battle of The Year and UK Bboy Champs that full crews can still participate in.

We at R16 have always been about taking Bboying to the next level, whether it be in the high level of stage production, to the fairest and most transparent scoring system, now is the time to begin a new professional format which provides a platform for the different participating countries to stand united behind their very own national Bboy Team. We hope to create a an opportunity for entire countries to be proud of their bboys and to recognize, honor and support them as professionals.