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(English) What really went down at R16 South East Asia in Manila

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As you all know by now, we at the R16 headquarters are on our grind to create “The Road to R16″ web series for your viewing pleasure. We’re dedicated to releasing fresh episodes to update you on the battles, behind-the-scene stories, hot topics, controversies and predictions for the R16 Global Series. Each episode also features a...more

R16 Web Series 로 초대합니다

 매년, 저희 R16 헤드쿼터는 fresh 한 무언가를 만들기를 좋아하고, 새롭고 다른것들을 만들기위해 스스로를 테스트와 한계를 넘어서기를 반복해 왔습니다.  올해는 스포츠토크쇼 같은 스타일의 쇼를 힙합과 연동하여, R16 Global Series 에서 어떤일들이 일어나는지에서 부터 서울에서 열리는 R16 World Finals 까지 어떻게 진행되는가를 알리...more

R16 Europe 2015 @ The Notorious I.B.E. 15th edition!


(English) The Brand new R16 Format!!

Recently, a lot of buzz and questions are circulating about the new format of the 2015 R16 Global Series. Many of the national qualifiers are seen with a 4 on 4 format and a one on one solo battle. Even more questions arise with the buzz of “wildcard” spots. In this blog, we will break down...more